The 7 Dimensions of Balanced Wellness

It all starts with a question. What in the world is she talking about?

I am talking about you. Your overall wellness. That is why you are still reading and interested in what I have to say to you.

There are 7 dimensions of balanced wellness that if all dimensions are in line with each other is a toe-curling experience.

Think about it.

Spiritual wellness (not hypocrisy)-what do you truly believe in? When times get tough, who can you trust? When you apply effort to what you want to achieve and believe in a higher power=Faith.

Psychological Wellness (mental and emotional well being)- acknowledging when things are not going well and being open with your feelings, instead of bottling things up or abusing substances in order to feel a temporary relief.

Physical Wellness (social media counts for only so much physical activity). For every hour that you are on your computer, take 15 minutes to get a glass of water, make phone calls while stretching, make a healthy snack. Take a walk in the neighborhood. Step out on a clear night and check out the stars. Explore your community. Beauty is closer than we think.

Environmental Wellness (Organizing and taking care of the things we value)

Social Wellness (social media counts on this one), but sometimes getting out and having a night out with friends physically at the beach or in a park, or doing something adrenaline pumping. Skydiving or being without your phone for a little bit)

Educational/Intellectual Wellness (be a life long learner-everyday is a new adventure in this journey we call life) be open to new experiences, I like to keep journals to reflect back on. My testimony.

Occupational Wellness (Helping Others Profit Environmentally) Long story short, I have worked over 30 jobs in my lifetime. Always costumer service. I worked at burger joints, retail, office environments, college, telemarketer (give them a break, they are just doing their job), then I got caught up in the Home Care Aide business. Over 10 years of helping elderly and disabled people with just basic activities of daily living.

What do you do for a living?

Do you enjoy what you do?

Consider taking an Occupational Assessment-regardless of where you are at, live your life. Being honest with yourself. Being honest with others.

(Communication is such an important skill. Being able to make decisions requires communication with yourself.)

What do you want to do and what are you willing to do for free?

This Journey called Life is too short to be off balance. Maintenance is needed daily.

Please be patient while I add more to this siteā€¦